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Who are we

Saville Consultancy Services is a truly independent company providing professional cost effective consultancy services and advise to busy clients across the UK. 

We have gained an enviable reputation within the industry for delivering innovative catering solutions for our clients,and we are acknowledged by many  catering contractors as one of the leading consultancies within the market place.                                                                

We only promise what we can deliver. 

Our experience and knowledge of the catering industry is second to none which allows us to assist  clients; 

What we do

Saville Consultancy Services provides a variety of support services ranging from, one off client meetings to discuss catering related issues, through to larger projects such as management of a best value tender programme or designing commercial kitchens and dining rooms. 

We charge a competitive flat day rate for all our services, this enables clients to mix and match the level of assistance required and tailor it to meet any constraints of time and/or budget. 

Key Services

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